captured by Trent Foldager

captured by Trent Foldager


My name is Oksana Skolnaja. I grew up in the capital city Vilnius of a small beautiful country of Lithuania.

For the past ten years, I have been embracing Alaskan lifestyle, beauty, and adventures with my family. My focus is specializing in lifestyle family, contemporary portrait photography.

I am 35 years old, a mother of Jack, a wife, a dreamer, a creator and an excellent storyteller. My greatest mission is finding the beauty in others and helping them see it too.

As an artist I strive to beautifully document the history of my clients’ families as if they were my own.

In recent years our lives have been lost in the digital world. We capture those images and simply leave them on our phones, hard drives or social media just to get a few likes.

Therefore, I believe that the artwork of our lives belongs in a print as a daily love affirmation to our family and memories created.

Oksana is a gold medalist in Lithuanian Annual Press Photography Competition, the category of Glamour, 2009. This inspired her to pursue further photographing people raw in the moment.