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Spring is almost here in Alaska. I can feel it. The days are getting longer and the skies are brighter. I am super inspired and stoked to offer my annual Mommy and Me sessions. Those portrait session are dedicated to celebrate motherhood and and connections, bonds with our children.

Ive been thinking, how often do we get photographed with our precious mothers or maybe even grandmothers if we have any left? Sad truth, not that often at all, very seldom…

If you are like me, you love your mother and cherish every moment spent together. I truly believe that we need to make a point and photograph with our closest loved ones as much as we can. Those photographs become priceless, and it is something that your children can look back and appreciate the family history that has been created for them.


When it comes to photographing in-home sessions. I always appreciate good natural light and always encourage my clients to declutter their space as much as they can. The minimal the better and it creates that non distractive minimal space. Another great tip is to plan a session in the first time of the day when the baby is rested and fed that way we can get the most smiles and giggles. Luckily baby Violet was just a happy baby in general.


So here are few tips how to get the most out of your in home portrait session:

  1. Be well rested, wear clean clothes, tidy up the house and be ready to have fun.

  2. Outfits: I suggest more simple, non flashy colored, pastel tones like yellows and pinks work well. Also when you book with Rawsome photography you get an access to styling inspiration on how to color coordinate and create seamless outfits.

  3. As a mother myself, I understand that time is everything when it comes to capturing amazing photographs of super busy little kiddos and babies. Which is why be ready and be on time for your portrait session and I will make sure to take care of you.


3. For an in-home session best time of the day is in when there is full daylight and the baby and everyone is rested, fed and happy.

4. When photographing a baby time is ticking, one of the best ways to keep baby’s attention is to have their favorite toy, keep it positive, smile and laugh, engage with the baby. I keep it simple and fun.

5. And Lastly, this in-home Mommy and Me session lasted around one hour. As you can see in the picture below she was ready for her afternoon nap, which gave me an opportunity to photograph few intimate moments of her mommy Abigail snuggling her.

I love these unexpected moments, less posed, just the way they are unique to each family that I photograph. Those moments are real and raw. I strive to capture emotions, connection, bond, and something truly meaningful for my clients, something that they would value for a lifetime. Being a family photographer is a true calling and a blessing, it’s a gift to be able to meet these families, get to know them and watch them grow. It is so valuable for me as a photographer to nurture those relationships and become lifetime friends!