The best thing about a picture is that it never changes,
even when the people in it do.
— Andy Warhol

When Photographing families I focus on finding and capturing genuine connections, unique family dynamics and personalities. I want to tell their stories, capture their love to each other and show them how beautiful they are.

Where there is perfection, there is no story

Family is love it is everything to me.

Having family photographs in our home is like a daily love affirmation to all that is important in life. I strive to make family sessions lively, fun and give you an amazing experience because to me it is not just taking a couple of photographs - it is building lasting friendships. Our children grow up so fast, those moments are always changing and never be the same. I love stopping time with photographs, watching each family grow every year and so honored to help them create family history.

RAwsome Photography GROUPON DEAL FAQ's:  What to Expect at Your Portrait session

  • Your photographer will be Oksana, who has years of experience photographing events, life inspired family portraits and couples. Her portrait sessions are usually fun and relaxed and she will make sure to capture the essence of your family.

  • Although there is no pressure to get anything beyond your Groupon package, all our clients love their photographs and almost all of them do invest in more. Most clients spend between $400-$1500 and more upon additional Photographs/Products. Additional digital negatives/ print portraits can be purchased separately. It is entirely up to you how much you would like to invest in your portraits. Rawsome Photography offers payment plans.

  • Any additional prints you would like to purchase are carefully crafted in professionals labs and have museum/archival quality. We take great pride in our work and want you to have beautifully displayed portraits that have been professionally to create a perfect keepsake just for your family.

  • All Photographs come with standard retouching like basic  skin softening color correction, removal of imperfections, sharpening, color toning and preparing for printing. If you would like additional editing like head swap or body contouring, that can be done for 20$ per image. Most people love the photographs with the original edits, and don't see a need for advanced editing, so I recommend you view the photos first, and then decide if you want to add extra editing to your package.

  • Please, arrive on time for your scheduled portrait session. If you cancel or wish to reschedule and give me less than 72 hours notice, there is a $40 rescheduling fee.  There are no exceptions as I likely turned people away from that slot and already committed to pay my babysitter for that time. When it comes to weather cancelations, with my advice we will reschedule to the next available day at no charge, only if it is pouring rain, otherwise cloudy day is still a great day.

  • After your session, usually one week later, once your photographs are ready for premiere, we will meet again at coffee shop or your home and choose the portraits you want. At your design appointment Oksana will show you different options to display  your portraits and custom keepsakes that can be created just for your family. Usually, this is also the time when the order will be placed for your portraits. Rawsome Photography does not provide online galleries. To ensure the best quality service, every step of your experience with Rawsome Photography is done in person.

  • Rawsome Photography respects the privacy of their clients. I will not use your photographs in my portfolio without your permission. Most clients sign model release form that I provide in my general contract, but not obligated.

  • I mostly photograph from Monday-Friday.  As I occasionally photograph weddings, events or choose to spend time with my beloved family, I have to reserve most of my weekends for weddings and family time, and do not offer family portrait sessions on the weekends. If I have weekends or evenings available I may add them to the calendar, but I cannot promise weekends. Check out my availability calendar here:

  • Most Sessions happen during  morning time or early evening, as those are the best times with best light. Locations are chose within 25 miles radius from of Anchorage, like parks, by the water front, beach or lake. I do also offer in home sessions. For additional fee I may travel to further locations.

  • Any dates showing on the calendar that do not show time slots are already fully booked.  If someone cancels for that day, the time slot will appear back on the calendar at that time.  I typically don't book more than 5-6 weeks out and cannot take custom date requests at this time.  What's listed on the calendar is my complete availability.

  • Your session is considered booked and a time slot is secured for you, once you purchase the Groupon Voucher, redeem it and sign the contract of services.

  • To view more information about experience and heirloom products that I offer go here:

  • Thanks so much, and I look forward to working with you!

What others have to say about their experience with Rawsome Photography:

Professional, experienced and beautiful photographs. She does an amazing job! I highly recommend her.
— Stacy H. 06 10 2019

“She is beyond amazing”

Oksana at Rawsome has been photographing my kids and family for over four years and she is beyond amazing. She is kind, sweet, inviting, accommodating, and has such an amazing eye! She has the patience of a saint with babies and toddlers! She manages to capture my daughters beauty and personalities with so much ease. She brings out the best in any child. I thank her immensely for being able to capture in a picture what I feel in my heart. Can’t wait for all future family memories to be captured by Rawesome Photography !