Choosing the right photographer IS ONLY a small puzzle piece when it comes to all the planning decisions that need to be made. Which is why when you chose to work with me I will guide you through every step of the way. Rawsome photography’s ultimate experience means a custom process from the beginning to end. it is perfect for those who want high level of service and family heirloom keepsakes. During our phone consultation you will always hear this question?



I ask you this question because it is important to provide you with guidance and expertise when creating custom artwork. With four simple steps I guide you the entire way, which guarantees that you end up with exactly what you desire. It all starts with:





 THE CONSULTATION:  GREAT PORTRAIT SESSIONS DO NOT HAPPEN BY ACCIDENT. As an artist I perform best if I learn more about you and get to know your photography needs better. More over, by learning what type of artwork you like it helps me outline the session better and set up a plan. whether you like wall art displays, custom design album that tells a story or just one framed family portrait, it helps us plan. It is important for us to learn what moments captured you value most. I will also guide you with wardrobe, and best tips to prepare for your session.  Then we move on to planning the session. 

THE PORTRAIT SESSION: During your session we put all our planning into action. My job is to artfully create photographs of you and your family.

DESIGN CONSULTATION / ORDERING APPOINTMENT:  THIS IS THE FUN PART! After your session, we get to meet again and this is where you get to see exactly what we planned to life. I run a slideshow of the portraits I have created for you and help you pick the ones that you absolutely love and leave the rest that you don’t. this is the time when I show yo few different options of ways to display your custom artwork. It is also the time when you place an order for your finished artwork.


DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION: Approximately 5 weeks after your ordering and design appointment we will set a time to deliver your finished artwork. 

WHAT'S NEXT:  I hope that after this ultimate experience with Rawsome Photography you will see the value of planning and develop long-term strategy for your family’s photographic legacy. I am here to help you make sure that created portraits for you and your family are simply amazing and unique as they are.

My favorite Photographs of Maternity taken in 2018